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Careers Service support for researchers

Find out about the support available to researchers from the Careers Service

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Specialist support is available for doctoral students and research staff

Careers Support

Tailored careers support is available for doctoral students and research staff. We offer specialist careers information and advice for researchers, including information on the potential career options open to you and advice on successful marketing strategies to help you achieve your aims. Take a look at our other pages for researchers at the bottom of this guide.

We run careers workshops for doctoral students as part of the Doctoral Skills Programme, and sessions for research staff as part of the development programme for staff who research and/or teach. If you have any suggestions for careers-related workshops that are not already offered, please contact Anne Cameron.

Thinking strategically about your career (just as you would about a new research project) can help you avoid making rushed decisions or 'drifting' into a career path that isn't right for you. The career planning cycle, which is linked below, shows how to go about planning your next steps and achieving your aims.

Whether your desired career is here at the University of Bath or elsewhere, in your current field or something different, we are committed to giving you impartial and independent support and advice. We hope you find these pages useful and informative (and that if you don't, you'll tell us!), and that they inspire you to take more control of your career.


Research staff

Research staff can access one-to-one confidential careers guidance from the Researcher Career Development Adviser, Anne Cameron. To schedule an appointment please first register with our MyFuture system, if you have not already done so:

  • If you are not also a graduate of the University of Bath, go to MyFuture and choose ‘Log in as a Current Student or Staff member’. Complete the University single sign-on box then fill out the form.
  • If you are also a graduate of the University of Bath, and have not previously used MyFuture (or not used it since graduation), go to MyFuture then choose ‘Log in as a Graduate’ and choose the ‘Forgotten your password’ link to generate a login request.

Once you receive an automatic email confirming you are registered, please contact Anne Cameron directly to arrange an appointment. All appointments will take place on campus.

Find out more about what to expect from an appointment and how to prepare

Doctoral students

Careers Appointments

If you need one-to-one careers advice, you can book a 20 minute Careers Appointment via MyFuture. There are Careers Appointment specifically for doctoral students available twice a week on campus. These can be used for career planning queries or applications feedback.

There are also Careers Appointments that are open to all students available every weekday at the Careers Service in the Virgil Building. The Careers Appointments in the Virgil Building cannot be used for applications advice. Instead you can book a CV and applications advice appointment.


Longer 45 minute Careers Guidance appointments are also available on campus for doctoral students. These are only available by referral only. For example, from a 20 minute Careers Appointment.

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Other pages for researchers