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Change Champions

Is there anything you would improve about your university experience? Change Champions gives you that opportunity.

The scheme

The Centre for Leaning and Teaching (working with The SU, Bath) is excited to announce the return of Change Champions. This scheme is one of many initiatives at Bath designed to enable students to become more engaged in learning and teaching enhancement opportunities. To “engage our students as active partners in their education” is one of the major objectives of the University’s Education Strategy, and that is precisely what this scheme seeks to achieve.

What are Change Champions?

Change Champions are students who independently design and lead their own projects (either individually or as a group) to enhance the learning and teaching experience at the University of Bath.

The purpose of the scheme is to create opportunities (and provide funding) for student-led projects that seek to:

  1. Enhance the learning and teaching experience of students at the University of Bath

  2. Foster a greater sense of community between and among staff and students

  3. Equip students with transferable skills to further their personal and career development

  4. Embed students as equal partners in the creation and development of learning and teaching

What can I gain from the scheme?

Change Champions gain invaluable experiences for their personal and career development; leadership, project management, volunteering, researching and networking opportunities. This scheme gives you concrete examples in all of these areas to talk about in job applications and interviews, as well as the opportunity to positively contribute to the student experience.

Hours spent on a Change Champion project also count toward the Bath Award.

What have others done before?

Previous Change Champions projects have covered an array of areas. Some of the highlights from last year include:

  • Building student connections with industry through volunteering at business and technology conferences

  • A "war zone lecture" delivered live from Syria

  • A networking symposium for women in physics

  • Community building lunches in the Doctoral College

  • Guest speaker-run workshops

How do I get involved?

All you (or you and a group of friends) need is an idea about how to make a change that will have positive benefits for at least one of the areas above. You can discuss this idea with members of staff in your department or in the SU in order to flesh out what you want to achieve first if you wish.

Once you have that idea, all you need to do is get in touch with a member of the Student Engagement Team by emailing us at the address below and we can give you the details to complete a very simple application.

We will then work to network you with a staff mentor to help support you and we can even provide funding (in the form of small grants) depending on the project.

Ready to make a change?

Then contact us now at


If you have any questions, please contact us.