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Complete the Covid-19 short survey

A reminder to all staff to complete our Covid 19 Survey. This is a chance to share your views and help to inform how we move forward as a University community.

Completing the survey

As the Vice-Chancellor mentioned in his recent message we are navigating unprecedented circumstances as a community, and our collective actions and ideas will make the greatest difference to the future of our University.

We would like to hear how you are and your experience of what is working well and which areas we should focus on improving over the coming months.

This short survey was emailed to all staff last week. It includes questions on wellbeing, the support available to you and the impact of the changes to your working arrangements.

It’s your opportunity to share your views and help to inform how we move forward as a University community.

The survey is completely anonymous and conducted in line with the Data Protection Act. Reponses will be treated confidentially and we will not look at the views of groups of less than 10 individuals, so no individual can be identified.

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete. There are also opportunities throughout to add your comments.

If you have more than one role, please complete the survey for the role you spend most time in. If you wish to comment on your other role(s) please use the free text box at the end.

Please take part by the end of Tuesday 16th June.

We plan to open up the survey at regular intervals for you to share your experiences and ideas as we transition out of the current circumstances.

If you have any queries or wish to receive a paper version of the survey, please contact Deborah Griffin (Learning & Organisational Development Manager).


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Deborah Griffin (Learning & Organisational Development Manager)