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University of Bath

Completing the Mitigating Circumstances Form for Applicants

If you are applying or hold an offer for an undergraduate course, find out how to complete our Mitigating Circumstances Form for Applicants.

How to complete the form

You should complete this form personally. Your statement should include:

  • a brief outline of your circumstances
  • the timing and duration of your circumstances
  • how your circumstances affected your studies
  • how your circumstances affected any previous exams you have already taken
  • whether or not your school or college are aware of your circumstances

Please also make sure that the Mitigating Circumstances Form for Teachers is passed to someone at your school so that they can complete it, with the help of this guidance, and return it to us directly.

It is very important that, where possible, we have both forms to consider. Please be aware that we will not be able to share with you the information provided to us by your teachers. You should also not expect them to share this with you directly.

Other documentation

Aside from the above, you do not have to provide any other documentation. Please do not provide documentation that relates to anyone other than yourself.

However, if you wish, you can send other documentation to support your form. This could include a letter from a GP or hospital (ideally the most recent), a police report or a written statement from a parent or guardian. Any additional documentation provided should be signed and on headed paper, if applicable.

Submitting your form

Please make sure that your form is returned to us by 31 July 2020. We may not be able to consider forms that are returned after this date. We would also appreciate your help in ensuring that your teacher provides their form to us directly by this date.

All queries and documentation relating to mitigating circumstances should be returned to our dedicated e-mail address: