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University of Bath

Completing the Mitigating Circumstances Form for Teachers

If you are an applicant or offer-holder's teacher for one of our undergraduate courses, find out how to complete our Mitigating Circumstances form for Teachers

Our approach

We understand that it is a particularly challenging time for many teachers and that school closures and exam cancellations mean you may be under a lot of pressure to do additional work including providing teacher assessments of final grades for all of your learners.

If you are teaching UK qualifications (such as A levels) it is our understanding that exam boards will not be considering extenuating circumstances or reasonable adjustments this year and you, instead, have been asked to take such factors into consideration when providing final grades.

Our admissions process at Bath is very thorough, and our aim is to make sure that decisions for applicants are made with a comprehensive understanding of any relevant context surrounding their studies. We want to ensure that this remains the case for the current admissions cycle, however, broader changes due to the Coronavirus outbreak have required us to adapt our process.

We are asking applicants to complete a form directly to inform us of their circumstances, but we are also asking a relevant member of staff at their school or college to provide us with a separate form. This will allow us to gauge to what extent any mitigating factors or reasonable adjustments have already been factored into any final grades awarded. We are not expecting a full explanation of your thought process or rationale for decisions made about awarded grades, and do not want to place you under any undue additional pressure. However, we are hoping that an indication of how much leniency has been applied already (if at all) will help us to make the fairest admissions decisions possible and therefore provide the best outcomes for your learners over the summer.

Confidentiality of teacher assessments

We understand the need to ensure that any teacher assessments of grades for your students are kept confidential and must not be shared with any third party. As such, we do not expect you to tell us the grades that you will be submitting for them or a detailed explanation of how they have been reached. What we would ask for is an indication from you to what degree a student’s circumstances have already been taken into account in your assessment and if the submitted grades have been adjusted to take into consideration the student’s circumstances and academic capability.

We ask that you return your form to us directly. We will store the information contained within your form confidentially. We will not share any information that you provide with your student.

How to complete the form

Your statement should ideally cover the following:

  • a brief explanation of your understanding of your learner’s circumstances
  • how, when and to what extent their studies and any previous exam performance have been affected
  • whether a certain subject or qualification has been particularly affected
  • if possible, details of any absences that may have occurred as a consequence of their mitigation
  • whether or not you feel that you have been able to adequately and proportionately factor their circumstances into teacher assessments you are submitting to an exam board on their behalf (where relevant)

Submitting your form

Please make sure that your form is returned to us directly and confidentially by 31 July 2020.

All queries and documentation relating to mitigating circumstances should be returned to our dedicated e-mail address: