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University of Bath

Completing the mitigating circumstances form for undergraduate applicants

If you're applying for an undergraduate course, find out how to tell us about any mitigating circumstances which support your application.

How to complete the form

The applicant statement

You should complete this section personally. Your statement should include:

  • a brief outline of your circumstances
  • the timing and duration of your circumstances
  • how your circumstances affected your studies
  • how your circumstances affected your exam performance, and which examinations (in the past of future) you consider to be affected
  • if you received alternative exam arrangements that were not sufficient to meet your needs, then you need to explain why or how this was the case

Exam board consideration

It is helpful for us to know if your mitigating circumstances have been taken into account by exam boards. In some cases, we may not be able to show you as much flexibility if you have already had your circumstances taken into account.

The supporting statement

You should ask a member of staff at your school or college, such as your academic referee, to complete this section. Their statement should include:

  • a brief explanation of your circumstances
  • how, when and to what extent your studies and exam performance have been affected
  • whether a particular subject or qualification has been particularly affected
  • how your affected exam performance compares to the standard that would be expected from you otherwise
  • full details of any absences that may have occurred as a consequence
  • any alternative arrangements that your school or college has put in place to support you

If your school or college are unaware of the details of your circumstances then a relevant third party such as a doctor or support worker may provide a supporting statement.

Additional documentation

You can attach additional documentation to support your application. These can include a letter from a GP or hospital (typically the most recent), a police report or a written statement from a parent or guardian. Any additional documentation provided should be signed and on headed paper, if applicable.

You do not have to include any additional documentation in your application. If you have been impacted by the illness of someone close to you or you have been bereaved, the supporting statement from a member of staff who is aware of your circumstances at your school or college is sufficient.

Submitting your form

Please submit your completed form and any supporting evidence to

You should submit your form by 31 July 2020. If you submit your form after this date, or after your final exam results have been released, we may not take your circumstances into account.

Please note if you are a current University of Bath student experiencing Individual Mitigating Circumstances then you will need to complete an IMC report form and forward it to the Academic Registry.

Your personal data

Information about how any personal data you provide will be processed can be found in the mitigating circumstances section of our undergraduate applicant privacy notice.

The mitigating circumstances form includes an ‘Applicant Declaration’ section. This section allows applicants the opportunity for the information they have provided to be shared with Student Services if they enrol at Bath, who will then keep this information confidentially on file in order to provide them with the best possible support, should they ever need it.

Coming to university can be a big adjustment for all students and we want to help support your transition to the University as much as possible.

The University has a number of specialist Support Services to aid students, and enable them to fulfil their potential. We strongly encourage students to pro-actively engage with support services, should help be required.

Please note that in exceptional circumstances if the information you provide suggests you may be at serious risk to yourself or others this may be shared without your consent with the relevant faculty/department or student support services, should you join the University of Bath.