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University of Bath

Confirm a current student’s course and study dates

How to obtain confirmation or verification of a current student’s course and study dates


Because of the current circumstances involving Coronavirus (COVID-19) we're working at home in line with government guidelines. This means we're unfortunately not able to offer verification documentation in hard-copy at the moment. However, we can provide verification in PDF format - please see details below.

Confirming someone is a student

We're only able to disclose information about our students to third parties with a student's consent or where the law requires us to.

Get permission

Before you contact us to confirm that someone is a student, please get permission from the student concerned.

You'll need to provide us with evidence that they've authorised you to contact us to confirm their course and study dates. You could, for example, provide a copy of an email from their University of Bath email address, or a document from your organisation that they've signed.

What to do

Please email to ask us to confirm a student's course and study dates. Please include:

  • evidence that shows that the student has given permission for their student status to be shared with you
  • the family name of the student
  • the forename(s) of the student
  • the student's date of birth
  • their University of Bath student number (if they've confirmed what that is)
  • their Faculty/Department/School
  • your contact details

What we'll provide you with

We'll provide you with a document, in PDF format, which confirms the educational history of the student. This will include:

  • the student's name
  • their date of birth
  • their course name
  • their student status
  • the current academic year
  • their mode of attendance (e.g. full-time, part-time)
  • the date they started their studies
  • the date they're expected to finish their studies

Confirm the authenticity of a University letter or document

If you'd like to confirm a letter or document you've received about a current student is genuine please contact us.

Other information

Get proof that you are a student

If you are an employer or other party seeking a reference for a student who has finished studying with us or if you are looking to verify their award please see our guide Verify an award.

You can also check a certificate is authentic.