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University of Bath

Creative family activities inspired by University research

Fun and friendly activities for both online and offline, designed to help you spend precious time together creating, learning and being inspired.

A child enjoying a workshop
A child enjoying an Edge workshop

Interactive Storytelling with Lizzy Cummins

Exciting and creative storytelling inspired by University research, exploring sound, DNA, conservation and more...

Little Letters inspired by Evolutionary Biologist, Dr Tiffany Taylor's new book
What is DNA? What are genes? Do our genes make us who we are? Find out the answers to these questions and create your own discovery story.

An Arctic Adventure inspired by Dr Philippe Blondel's research on icebergs
In this playful workshop, you will have the chance to make creatures, explore sound and tell a new story.

Going on Safari inspired by Natural Sciences graduate, Helen Mylne’s research on elephants
Pack your bag, grab your safari hat and join Lizzy on an adventure in the wild. Create your own elephant and get ready to go exploring.

Slow and Steady Turtle Race inspired by research conducted by Professor Tamás Székely, from the Milner Centre for Evolution
Travel to Cape Verde to discover how islanders are bringing turtles back from the brink.

The Wonderful World of Plankton inspired by PhD student, Russell Arnott’s research on phytoplankton
Dive into the wonderful world of plankton to discover why they are so important.

This was fantastic! Bravo Lizzy [Cummins] - this was a triumph! Rufus has found it quite difficult to maintain his attention to participate with any online content since lockdown but this he LOVED. Fabulous storytelling. Friends with kiddos - an absolute must.
Annabel Hancock

INVENT with Vicky Wilmott

Free online sessions to encourage you to get creative at home with the family, inspiring young minds to fuse art and science.

What we'll be making...
Star Telescope
Rocket Ship & Spacecraft
Glasshouse Blueprint
Galaxy Mobile
Cardboard Future Cities

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