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University of Bath

Curriculum enrichment projects for schools

These projects, for Key Stage 3/4 students, take place at your school or college and enrich the curriculum as well as developing independent learning skills.

Science Research Projects

Working through the investigative process week by week, students tackle a research question they really want to answer.

At the end of the project, students have the opportunity to give a demonstration of their research and display an academic poster to explain what they have done. Students are taught scientifically throughout, with a strong emphasis on developing their capacity for scientific vocabulary.

Designed to be cross-curricula, the projects demonstrate the links between subjects and overcome unhelpful knowledge segmentation.

Throughout the project, students work alongside university undergraduates, researchers and staff who, as scientists, will highlight the relevance of school subjects and how they form the basis for future study at A Level and beyond.

Assessing the Effect of Renewable Energy

In each week of the project students explore different forms of renewable energy, looking at the science of power extraction, engineering challenges and the impact on the viability of each method.

Students work with a range of equipment including solar panels, miniature turbine construction and Stirling and steam engines to explore and test their effectiveness, recording their results to present at the final poster presentation session.

The sessions are delivered by researchers and students from our Faculty of Design and Engineering and illustrate the practical application of key aspects of the GCSE science curriculum.

Social Justice

Through an exploration of various themes within the topic of Social Justice, exploring issues such as gender and race inequality, poverty, international development, education and perceptions of young people, students identify a relevant research question, undertake a literature review, examine research ethics, and engage in data collection and analysis.

As well as developing the research skills required for humanities and social sciences this project will also develop more widely applicable critical thinking and analytical skills. Students get the opportunity to debate and research.