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University of Bath

David Parkin Visiting Professorship

Make an application for a fellowship to nominate a visiting professor

Guidance notes on David Parkin Visiting Professorships

  1. The application form should be completed by the PROPOSER, not the applicant. See below for the full conditions of the scheme. Be as concise as possible and use bullet points as appropriate.

  2. David Parkin Visiting Professorships are awarded on an annual basis, following the procedures for the Appointment of Visiting Professorial Staff, in order to help to support an outstanding academic with a permanent position at a non-UK university to spend a period of time up to 12 months, as a Visiting Professor at the University of Bath.

  3. The nominee should have at least the research profile expected for a Professorial appointment at the University of Bath. In order to ensure a high standard, the Award Committee will reserve the right not to make an appointment in any given year.

  4. Each year the Esther Parkin Trust will contribute up to £30K towards the travel and living costs of the successful applicant.  The amount should reflect the length of the visit.  Living costs will normally be based on a per diem rate (of around £25) and provision of accommodation in the Esther Parkin residences where available.      

  5. It may be possible to make more than one award in the same year, if the total cost falls within the overall budget of £30k. 

  6. The application should include a statement of the proposed research activity, a curriculum vitae (max 2 pages) and include a budget, setting out the costs that will be incurred. 

  7. Each departmental nomination should be supported by two referee statements from people external to the University of Bath, identified by the proposer not the nominee.

  8. This is not a contract of employment and it is a condition of award that the parent institution of the successful applicant will cover salary costs.

  9. The University shall provide office accommodation and access to services (library, email, computing, workshop, and laboratory) as appropriate.

  10. The Visiting Professor shall be required to present a David Parkin Lecture as part of their time at the University. This will be a lecture open to the general public, to be organised by the host department in liaison with Development & Alumni Relations.

  11. Any publications resulting from the research carried out during the visits should acknowledge the support of the University of Bath and the David Parkin scheme.

  12. The nominees of the awardees are asked to write a short (half-page) report to the Committee for the first available meeting after the visit.

  13. In putting forward nominations, departments would be agreeing to provide the necessary office accommodation and other support. 

Supporting documents

Each application form must be accompanied by a maximum two page CV of the applicant and two referee statements as per the guidance notes above.

After completing the form

After you have completed the application, please pass it to your Head of Department by the closing date of the call. Head of Department will then pass their nominations to the Dean who will decide which ones to pass to consideration by the David Parkin Visiting Professorship Committee. S/he will then email the relevant form to by the deadline.

Decisions of the David Parkin Visiting Professorship Committee

The Committee will meet by 2 April 2020 to make their decisions and inform the Deans and the Directors of Administration (through the Faculty Coordinator) who will inform applicants in their Faculty. The appointment of the agreed candidate(s) will then be confirmed by the relevant faculty Board of Studies before Human Resources will issue the candidates a letter of appointment. See the flowchart for further information on the procedure.


If you have any queries about completing the form, please contact If your questions relate to the academic merits of the application, please discuss with your Head of Department in the first instance.