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University of Bath

Digital skills for students

Use the digital skills self-assessment tool to help you live, learn and work in today's digital society.

Five students working on their laptops together on a group online presentation.
Develop your digital skills with the self-assessment tool

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are the skills needed to engage and thrive in today's digital world. Developing these skills will enable you to live, learn and work digitally.

If you have skills in a broad range of areas then you'll be well-equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly-evolving digital world.

Current technologies are set to be replaced by newer, more advanced ones at an accelerated rate in the future, so having a good digital skillset is becoming increasingly important for employers.

Our blog explains why digital skills are so vital for your studies and future employability:

The Jisc framework

The University of Bath uses the Jisc digital capability framework to evaluate digital skills.

The Jisc framework categorises digital skills in six key areas:

  • ICT Proficiency
  • Information, data and media literacies
  • Digital creation, problem solving and innovation
  • Digital communication, collaboration and participation
  • Digital learning and development
  • Digital identity and wellbeing

These are broken down into individual proficiencies and associated to roles such as Learner and Researcher.

Digital skills self-assessment tool

We're encouraging all students to reflect on and evaluate their digital skills by using the digital skills self-assessment tool.

You can use this online self-assessment tool to find out which digital skills you already possess and which ones you can develop, using the free resources provided.

Once you've answered all the questions, you'll receive a personalised report showing your current digital skills levels, divided into the six areas of digital capability, with an indicator of your current level of competence in each.

You can use this report to create your own digital skills development plan, using the links to free resources and courses provided.

Your responses to the questions and your report are private and can only be seen by others if you choose to share them.

Using the self-assessment tool will therefore:

  • help you to reflect on the digital skills relevant to your studies and future placement and employment
  • help you to identify areas for development and plan your personal digital skills development path
  • ensure your digital capabilities are fully recognised and credited. Completing the resources and courses available in the self-assessment tool are accredited with digital badges or certificates which you can use on your CV or LinkedIn profile.