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Discover Bath Residentials

Find out about the Discover Bath Residential programme for Year 12 students

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Discover Bath is a programme to give students an experience of learning and teaching at Bath

What is Discover Bath?

Discover Bath are on-campus residential summer schools which will give you a taste of first year study at the University of Bath. During your stay on campus you will take part in a series of first-year undergraduate lectures, workshops and projects (including laboratory experiments during our Science and Engineering summer schools). We run Discover Bath summer schools in Science, Engineering, Social Science and Management.

Before attending you will complete some pre-work to help you to prepare for Discover Bath, and this will typically include subject-related reading materials.

After attending you will complete a project report which will be marked to a first-year undergraduate standard. If your report meets the required standard and you subsequently apply to study at Bath and receive an offer you will be eligible for an alternative offer (see below for further details).

Why apply?

Discover Bath will help you to:

  • improve your knowledge of your chosen subject and develop some of the key skills needed to succeed at degree level study
  • help you make an informed choice when applying to university
  • experience what it's like to study as an undergraduate at Bath and find out more about Bath student life
  • benefit from the experience and advice of our current students and staff, including from our admissions tutors on how to make a competitive UCAS application.

Who can apply?

Discover Bath is available to all Year 12 (or equivalent) students who are academically able to study at Bath in their chosen subject. Students who meet one or more of our Widening Participation criteria will be receive a subsided free-of-charge place. If you are unsure if you meet our criteria then please email us at

Alternative offer

If you complete Discover Bath, write up your work as a report achieving a B/2:1 or above, and subsequently apply to and receive an offer from Bath you will receive an alternative offer which is typically one grade below our standard typical offer. For example, for a course with a typical offer of AAA the alternative offer would would be to achieve AAB plus a B in the Discover Bath project.

There are limitations and exemptions to the alternative offer.

In addition, students who meet our widening participation criteria and successfully complete Discover Bath will receive additional consideration of their application should they apply to study at Bath.

What is the cost?

Discover Bath costs £225, which covers the cost of accommodation and food throughout your stay.

Subsidised free-of-charge places

Students who meet our widening participation criteria will receive a subsidised free-of-charge place on Discover Bath, which will include accommodation, food, and travel costs to and from the University.

How will I know if I've got a subsidised place?

We will let you know if and when you are accepted onto the programme whether you have qualified for a subsidised place.

How to apply

Further details on our 2020 Discover Bath summer schools, including details of how to apply, will be published in Autumn 2019.