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University of Bath

Dissertation submission details for taught postgraduate students

How to deposit taught postgraduate dissertations with the Library and related advice about copyright/permissions. **Depositing with the Library is optional.**

Depositing your dissertation

You should submit your dissertation or project for assessment to your academic department/school as required.

You can also opt to submit your dissertation, in electronic format, to the Library. The Library is grateful to receive copies of dissertations from all Masters (taught postgraduate) programmes: MA, MSc, MBA, MRes, etc.

Please note the following:

  • These dissertations will only be made available for download, via the Library Catalogue, within the University of Bath community.
  • Dissertations may be supplied to other libraries for the purposes of consultation.
  • Dissertations will normally only be made available where the student has been awarded a degree with merit or distinction. 
  • In accordance with the University records retention schedule, dissertations will be removed after five years.
  • Instructions for depositing your dissertation with the Library.

Copyright and permissions in electronic dissertations

It is good academic practice to carefully consider the copyright of material from other sources in your dissertation. This is called third party copyright. You should seek permission where possible to use material from other sources - if this is not possible, you should discuss this with your supervisor before submitting your electronic copy.

The Society of Authors has very good information for students and authors who need permission to use copyrighted materials.

They provide suggestions about how to get permission, and they offer guidance on the use of quotations as 'fair dealing' under the Copyright Act. A good place to start when searching for copyright holders is the Watch File.

When you submit your dissertation, we will ask that you give permission for the University to store and distribute your work. We will also to confirm that you are the author of the whole work and have referenced other material correctly.