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University of Bath

DoctoralSkills Workshops and Courses

DoctoralSkills is a free programme of skills development workshops and courses to support your skills development throughout your doctorate and beyond

Supporting your development

During your doctorate you will develop a range of skills, knowledge and experience. These will be invaluable to you in completing your doctorate on time and in your future chosen career.

To complement your development we offer a range of free online courses, workshops and other resources through our DoctoralSkills Programme.

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Highlighted workshops and courses

22 October

Planning and writing your doctoral thesis: for the sciences

23 October

Literature searching: SciFinder
Planning and writing your doctoral thesis: for engineering and design

24 October

Writing a data management plan for non-sensitive data
Writing your thesis: Using viva questions to guide your writing

25 October

Writing your data management plan for human participant data

29 October

Identify your career

30 October

Publishing, open access and citations
Planning and writing your doctoral thesis: for social sciences

31 October

EndNote: Search for and download references
Searching for biological sciences literature
Writing your thesis: The Introduction