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East Building hotdesking

The new East Building hotdesking space is now live and operational. Not only the hotdesks, but also meeting rooms, are now available to be booked using Libcal.

A multipurpose, flexible workspace

Staff can now utilise a dynamic new workspace in the East Building as a bookable hotdesking area. Based in Level Two, this space will consist of 30 individual desk spaces for staff use that are equipped with docking stations and display monitors, as well as four meeting rooms (two of which can support virtual meetings). Staff can book a hotdesk or meeting room here.

We believe that this space supports the University’s aspirations to become a modern work environment where staff can work in flexible, creative ways. This space aims to support individual staff and teams in the following ways:

  • Providing a purposeful work area – staff will be able to book a space on campus in advance of time and that is equipped with appropriate technology.
  • Promoting cross-collaboration – the hotdesking space will support cross-departmental communication and collaboration through bookable meeting rooms and informal collaboration pods.
  • Ensuring safety and well-being – the hotdesking space will be routinely cleaned by Estates staff to ensure that it is maintained to the University’s hygiene standards and will be secured to only staff access. The space aims to be a vibrant, inclusive work area.

Our hope is that this hotdesking space promotes collaboration across and within departments, while providing the necessary conditions for staff to feel motivated when working independently. This document provides more detail about the layout of the space and guidance for staff to maximise its use.


The East Building hotdesking space consists of:

30 individual bookable workstations:

  • 15 workstations are equipped with PCs and dual monitors
  • 15 workstations are equipped with docking stations for laptops or micro PCs with dual monitors
  • Additionally, there are two adjustable sit-stand desks that are not equipped with docking stations (next to desks 1 and 13)

4 bookable meeting rooms:

  • Rooms 2.2a and 2.2b are equipped with AV for virtual meetings
  • Room 2.2c contains a moveable Surface Pro
  • Room 2.2d can support face to face meetings

2x2-person collaboration booths to support informal meetings – this will be installed by the middle of October 2021. Indicative visuals and subject to further refinement

Practical guidance and other considerations

Booking – Individual hotdesking space and meeting rooms will be bookable through the online booking system, LibCal and can only be accessed by staff. Spaces are ready to be booked here.

  • Staff will be able to book in for two-hour slots at individual hotdesking spaces and can repeat bookings throughout the day, subject to availability.
  • Staff will be able to book in for two-hour slots in meeting rooms. There will be a cap of four-hour usage per day, subject to available meeting rooms.
  • Each desk has a power socket for use (marked the by power socket icon) by individuals.

Storage – Most desks will have a pedestal where staff can store belongings. These must be emptied and taken with staff after use.

Cleaning and hygiene – Staff will be required to wipe down their individual hotdesking space following use. To assist, bottles of cleaning liquid and paper towels will be placed throughout the East Building hotdesking space and notices with instructions on cleaning requirements will be displayed. Cleaning staff will also conduct a thorough clean of the space twice daily.

Security – Staff will be able to access this space through their Library card during the business hours of 08:00 to 18:00. Access to this space is available from 07 September. Usage of the space outside of this time and on weekends will have to be pre-arranged with the University’s security team.

Feedback and improvement – a working team comprising HR, Estates, DDAT and AHS representatives has been established to monitor utilisation and engagement of staff in this space. They will routinely collect feedback of staff views, particularly over the next three months as the space becomes active in use. To provide feedback and other suggestions for improvement, please contact the Future Ways of Working email.