University of Bath

Exceptions to Alternative Offers

There are a number of exceptions to Alternative Offers

Widening Participation Programmes that make Alternative Offers

There are a number of programmes that are run by the University for the purposes of Widening Participation at the University of Bath. These include:
- On Track to Bath
- Pathway to Bath for A-Level students
- Pathway to Bath for BTEC students
- Discover Bath Residentials

Limitations to Alternative Offers

To be eligible for an alternative offer students must have completed one of the above programmes to level specified on each programme page. Students must also meet at least one of the University's Widening Participation criteria. Students must have made an application to the University of Bath and meet the minimum grade requirements listed on the course page for the course applied to.

Exceptions to Alternative Offers

There are a few exceptions where we are not able to make an alternative offer.

  • our Mathematics and Economics & Mathematics courses give out an alternative offer based on achieving a Grade 2 in a STEP paper rather than any of the programmes on this page
  • we are only able to make alternative offers for our Computer Science & Mathematics course if you are studying both Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level
  • our Foundation Degree in Sports Performance does not issue alternative offers
  • we may not be able to make an alternative offer if students are not studying three A level qualifications e.g. if they are studying a combination of A levels and BTECs
  • simplified offers for BTEC students are offered on courses where it is standard to interview students before making an offer, there may be some courses that will still want to meet the students before an offer is made