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Exit questionnaires & interviews

Provides guidance on the University's approach to exit interviews and questionnaire and links to the questionnaire itself

Exit questionnaire and interview

The University operates an exit questionnaire and exit interview procedure in line with its commitment to continuous improvement and valuing the contribution made by members of staff.

The purpose of the questionnaire and interview is to:

  • identify the general trends of why staff leave the University, particularly in areas where turnover is high discover any underlying issues and problems that may be of concern

  • highlight any issues that can be addressed and/or improvements that can be made in order to improve retention inform the University's longer term strategy for people management

  • provide information that can contribute towards the University's HESA return


This procedure applies to all permanent staff including staff who leave through ill-health, retirement, redundancy and staff who are on fixed-term contracts.

Analysis from the questionnaires and interviews will provide the University, Human Resources and line managers with information that can be used as a basis for assessing employment practices, policies and procedures.

Leaving procedure

As part of the University's leaving procedure, you will be sent a link to an on-line exit questionnaire. Staff who do not have access to a computer at work will be provided with a paper questionnaire.

Completed questionnaires are returned to the HR Department (WH 3.22). If appropriate, and when permission is given, issues requiring escalation are referred to a Human Resources Manager and then potentially to the Department.

If the departing member of staff would prefer an interview, they should contact their relevant Human Resources Manager and a meeting will be arranged. The questionnaire will be used as the basis for the interview.

An analysis of the exit information is produced for the Director of Human Resources on a quarterly basis and included in the annual HR Report.