University of Bath

Family Science Projects

An overview of science research projects and how primary school students and their families can take part

What are Family Science Projects?

The Family Science Projects give parents and students the opportunity to work together on their own piece of research and present their work at a local Science Fair.

Research is led by the school student who is given the freedom to explore a topic of their choice which they want to discover more about. The Widening Participation team and our teaching ambassadors support parents and children with the research process so a science or research background is not required to take part.

We can work with individual primary schools or a cluster of primary schools to deliver drop-in sessions for parents and children to guide them through the research process on a weekly basis. Prizes will be given to the best projects and the winners will be invited to present their project at the Bath Taps into Science festival.

How students and their families will benefit

  • Engage parents in their children's education
  • Increase the confidence of the students and parents in explaining scientific concepts and showcasing their work (building Science Capital)
  • Support the primary science curriculum by increasing understanding of the scientific method
  • Demonstrate the importance of science in everyday life

What does it involve?

Science projects run for 4 – 6 weeks and families are provided with:

  • A Science Project Guide that provides practical worksheets to illustrate the scientific method
  • An online forum
  • Drop-in sessions organised by the University of Bath in collaboration with the school or cluster

A key part of the programme is the organisation of a science fair where families can present and share their work. We will support the organisation and the best project will have the opportunity to present at the Bath Taps Science festival.