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University of Bath

Fast Track Student Hardship Scheme for Covid-19

Apply for funding if you are in hardship as a result of self-isolating

Applying for the Fund

This fund aims to assist students who have been notified by NHS Test & Trace that they need to self-isolate, either because they have been tested positive for coronavirus, or have recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Therefore, due to the nature of their employment, either at the University of Bath or elsewhere they are unable to work from home and do not qualify for Statutory Sick Pay and will lose income or incur additional expense as a result of having to self-isolate.

This application will only consider lost income or additional expenses as a result of this particular circumstance and not wider costs or financial hardship. If you feel you need wider financial support you need to apply to the Hardship Fund. If eligible, you will receive a non-repayable grant.

Please Note: In order to be eligible for this support you need to engage with the University Tell strand of Covid-19 support to ensure the University is able to offer you appropriate support at this time. You will also need to provide evidence of a notification from NHS Test & Trace asking you to self-isolate.

Students who are living at home or are on their placement year are not eligible for this support and can apply to the Hardship Fund for financial assistance.

Where hardship is due to increased costs, the student must to be able to identify these costs and be able to provide evidence for these, if requested by the audit team.

If you would to make apply please complete the online application form.

Further information about the Universities response to Covid-19.