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University of Bath

Filming a video for the Class of 2020

Want to help congratulate our Class of 2020? Share a message for our video montage.

What should I say in my video?

  • Please start off your message by saying “Congratulations!” leaving a couple of seconds of silence either side for editing.

  • If you are happy to include a longer message, sentiments like “stay positive/the alumni community is here for you” or your own words of wisdom about what next comes after graduation are perfect. You could even raise a glass to toast our new graduates!

  • No more than 5-10 seconds of speaking, with a couple of seconds of silence either side of your clip for editing. You don’t need to introduce yourself at the start of the recording – these details will appear as a caption.

  • You can film solo or as part of a group with your former classmates/society members via Zoom or other video conferencing platform.

How should I film my video?

  • Please film in landscape orientation rather than portrait. When framing the shot, head and shoulders is perfect - not too much headroom. Avoid zooming in as the quality of the image decreases. Better to physically move the phone closer if you want to get closer.

  • A quiet location will get the best results. Indoors is best. If outside, try and find a quiet spot away from traffic noise and wind if possible.

  • If indoors, try and avoid echoey rooms (typically small rooms with lots of hard surfaces) and switch off air conditioning. Make sure you’re not far from the phone so that your voice is picked up clearly.

  • Work with the light in the space you’re filming in. E.g. If a room is lit by a window, have the window behind the phone so that the light is illuminating you as the speaker. Avoid having the window behind you as the camera will adjust for this brightness and you will appear in shadow. Likewise, if you are filming outside, avoid filming directly into the sun.

Send us your video

  • To send us your video go to WeTransfer. Add the file or files, add to the ‘Email to’ field, and select ‘Transfer’.

  • Once your video has been received you will be contacted and asked to complete a filming consent form so that we have permission to use your video in our montage.

  • Get us your video by Friday 3 July to be included in the montage.

Thank you

Our students graduating this year are facing challenging circumstances. Although they will all have an opportunity to attend an in-person ceremony in future, we are extremely grateful to our alumni community for coming together this summer and helping us to mark this special occassion as our Class of 2020 transition into post-University life.