University of Bath

Find a friend to speak your favourite language with

The Language Exchange is a fun, free programme for students and staff at the University of Bath to speak their favourite language.

A group of students having refreshments around a table whilst practicing languages.
Practice your language skills with a partner


We work and study in an international campus. This means that you can have many chances of meeting native speakers of the language you want to practise. The Language Exchange will give you a chance of meeting them and improving your language skills.

Practicing a language with native language speakers will help you to get your head around its grammar, vocabulary, and sounds. As they say, practice makes perfect! You will also have the chance of making a new friend and finding out about their country and learning more about their culture.

Register and search for a partner

We can help you to find a language partner via our Moodle page you can set your profile and read the instructions find out how to search for a partner who speaks the language you want to learn.

Guidance on sessions

In order to maximize your sessions, this page offers advice on how to conduct effective and exciting learning sessions with your partner. It also provides resources in a variety of languages in different levels. This could be used as a starting talking point for your sessions.

As you will be meeting your partner in person, we also ask you to take care of your personal safety and meet in public places.

Can't find what you are looking for

If you can’t find a partner to practise the language you want to learn through our Moodle page, online language tandems could increase your chances to find a partner to practice the language you are looking for. Please ensure when you meet people online, you also take safety precautions.