University of Bath

Find a language partner to practise with

We offer a language exchange programme to you, so you can meet a native speaker of the language you are learning.

A couple of students having fun whilst practicing oral skills in a foreign language
Practice your language skills with a partner


You work or study on an international campus, which provides a great opportunity to meet native speakers of the language you want to learn. Our programme allows you to find a language partner and get ideas on how to structure your first conversations.

Some of the benefits of the Language Exchange are:

  • One-on-one support
  • The opportunity to practise speaking and listening skills
  • The opportunity to learn more about the country where the language you are learning is spoken
  • The opportunity to have a multicultural and multilingual experience
  • The ability to choose what you learn about
  • Learning at your own pace
  • The possibility to make a new friend


You can sign-up on the Language Exchange Programme via our Moodle Page by clicking on to self-enrol green button.

Here you will find out further information about the programme - including information on personal safety, instructions on how to set up your profile and how to search for a language exchange partner.