University of Bath

Food allergen information and dietary requirements

How our hospitality outlets cater for special medical, dietary and religious requirements.

Catering for specialised diets

The University caters for people with particular dietary requirements. Our venues use a menu food-labelling system to provide information on individual items of food.

What the labels mean

You will find these against items on our menus.

  • (DF) – dairy-free
  • (GF) – gluten-free
  • (H) – contains meat prepared using Halal methods
  • (VE) – contains no animal products; suitable for vegans
  • (V) – contains no meat or fish; suitable for vegetarians

Alcohol in recipes

We may use alcohol in some of our recipes. Please check with staff for individual dish ingredients.

Food allergies

We cannot guarantee that our food is nut-free.

If you have a food allergy not covered by our labelling system, or would like information on particular dishes or products, please talk with a member of staff.