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Generate new business opportunities - the Entrepreneurial mindset

Accelerate innovation and generate new business opportunities in the face of unprecedented levels of change.

Identify, evaluate and pursue new business opportunities

The current business environment is characterised by unprecedented levels of change. Companies that don’t adapt fast enough can lose their leading positions. Continuous innovation is essential to adapt to new trends and generate new markets.

The focus of this three day programme is on creating the ability to identify valuable business opportunities by developing an entrepreneurial mind set. Through practical hands-on activities, you will explore tools and methods to scan global trends and identify opportunities. You will learn how design thinking can be used for idea generation and problem solving to produce real innovation.

Develop your skills in designing a business model to take full advantage of opportunities. Learn how to analyse existing business models and understand the principles to generate business model innovation, leading to real value generation. By the end of the programme, you will understand the processes that both accelerate innovation and the generation of valuable new business opportunities.

Who should attend

Managers with responsibility for idea generation, growth, innovation and entrepreneurial approaches. Anyone aspiring to innovate more successfully within their organisation and enable teams to innovate and behave entrepreneurially.

What the programme covers

Entrepreneurial Mind Set

  • The elements of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Global trends and the identification of new business opportunities
  • Practical activities to challenge and develop your entrepreneurial self

Design Thinking and Idea Generation for Problem Solving

  • Analysing business models
  • Designing business models
  • Generating business model innovation
  • Business model innovation in practice

How you will benefit

  • Enhanced skills in identifying, evaluating and pursuing new business opportunities
  • Discover your entrepreneurial self and accelerate innovation
  • Understand how global trends can generate new business opportunities
  • Design business models capable of exploiting opportunities
  • Understand principles of business model innovation, leading to significant value generation
  • Greater confidence to effectively communicate your business ideas to others

How your organisation will benefit

  • Greater ability to identify valuable business opportunities
  • Enhanced ability to lead innovation processes
  • Confidence to suggest new ideas to accelerate innovation
  • Enhanced problem solving capabilities to improve efficiency
  • Ability to pitch new ideas to internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to analyse business models and suggest innovations

Fees, dates and location


Three-day programme: £1,800.


2020 dates to be confirmed.


The programme is run at University of Bath in London, 83 Pall Mall.


Dr Bruno Oliveira

Dr Bruno Oliveira is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Director of Studies MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Bath, School of Management.

Research interests include the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, creativity and idea generation, entrepreneurship education, the role of creativity in the entrepreneurial journey as well as strategy development, strategic foresight and scenario planning.

Prior to joining academia, Bruno was an entrepreneur who started and managed a company for three years. He still has a passion for entrepreneurial ideas and enjoys engaging with executives and organisations about the development of new business opportunities. Bruno has experience of working for the public, private and social sectors.

Bruno is passionate about creating the best learning experiences for executives and has been awarded many teaching excellence awards.


If you have any questions, please contact us.