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Get started using Bath's supercomputing environments

The University's research computing environments support academic research across all disciplines.

Short haired computer programmer working on a new software in the office.
Once granted access to our HPC environments you can log in remotely using a secure network.

How to gain access

Bath's portfolio of Research Computing environments are open to all academics and doctoral students.

Undergraduate students can also use the environments as part of their final year project. Your departmental champion will discuss your needs and arrange access. Once access has been granted you can follow our guide to log in and get started.

We also offer a paid-for premium service which can be costed on research grants, in line with our policies. This allows larger jobs to be run, with higher priority. If you wish to find out more about the premium service please contact the HPC support team.

Software packages

Find out what software applications are available, including Ansys, Caffe, Matlab, R, Python, ParaView, Stata and VASP.

You can also request a new software be set up. Applications which run too slowly on your desktop/laptop can run much quicker on Bath's supercomputers.

Get training and support

We provide support and consultancy services to help you achieve your research goals.

You can go through our self-study Introduction to HPC course or contact us for help.

We advice on a range of topics, including:

  • creating job scripts and troubleshooting issues
  • optimising software performance and streamlining data processes
  • meeting current and future research challenges

Acknowledging Research Computing

Research Computing provides state-of-the-art high performance computing and research software engineering support to the academic community, significantly impacting the quality of the resultant research output.

Find out how to acknowledge us in your publications.

Request access

Contact us if you would like to use our high performance computing environments.