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Getting advice if you are pregnant while studying or have a young child

How we can advise and support you if you are a student expecting a baby, or you have a young child.

Initial support to consider your options

You should talk to your doctor about how your pregnancy may impact on your studies.

You can also get support from:

Getting support from your department

If you become pregnant or have a very young child, talk to your department for support.

Once you inform your department of your pregnancy, they should offer you an appointment within five days. At this appointment, you will discuss your options for continuing your course and how the University can support you.

Additional support can include:

  • coursework and exam adjustments
  • unit selection
  • adjustment to laboratory attendance and classes
  • adjustment to placement arrangements
  • leave arrangements
  • reasonable allowance for antenatal appointments
  • period of suspension, if required
  • a review of your funding package to ensure you are accessing all available funds
  • a Health and Safety assessment

If you are a doctoral student there is a University policy for maternity, paternity and adoption leave

Once you have agreed with your department how to continue your studies, they will provide you with a written plan. This will include specific, agreed adjustments, which your department will only communicate to relevant teaching staff and examination boards.

The department will also carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment for the agreed plan of study.

Additional support

Student Support can confidentially advise you about discussing your pregnancy with your department.

If you are not happy with the options your department offers, the Students’ Union can support you in discussing this with your department. If these issues cannot be resolved, you can make a complaint.

Changes to your fees and funding

You should meet with a Money Adviser to talk about the financial implications of becoming a parent. They can help you work out if you are entitled to any additional financial support or funding.

Changes to your visa

If you are a Tier 4 visa student, you should arrange an appointment with an International Adviser to discuss how changes in your studies may affect your visa.

If you start a family while you are studying in the UK, you need to get further advice about your visa.

Support for student parents

Please see our student parents web page.


If you have any questions, please contact us.