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Getting discounted train tickets to Bath with GWR

How you can get 20% off rail travel when coming to Bath for Open Days, Applicant Visit Days and graduation ceremonies.

When you can get discounted rail tickets

You can use this offer when travelling to a GWR-approved University event: Open Days, Graduation ceremonies and Applicant Visit Days. The discount is available for travel three days either side of the event, so you can make the most of coming to Bath.

You, your family and your friends can get 20% off Advance Purchase fares for most mid and long-distance GWR routes to Bath Spa train station. This can be used with a Young Persons Railcard (16-25 and mature students) to increase the discount.

You must buy all tickets at the same time to get the discount.

Buying tickets

To get your discounted rail tickets, visit GWR’s promotional page to buy your tickets. No code is needed, the discount price is applied automatically when you follow this link.

Terms and conditions of the offer

  1. The Open Days GWR travel offer is only available for travel on GWR services. If travelling from or within a region of the country that is not part of the GWR network you may need to purchase separate tickets to the chosen destination.
  2. The destination must be relevant to the University you have received the link from, i.e. Cardiff Central for Cardiff Metropolitan University, etc.
  3. Origin of journey must be within the GWR network, but please note that Advance Purchase (AP) tickets are not available for short distance journeys.
  4. The scheme is only available for use with Advance Purchase tickets. These set times and dates of travel are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. All Advance Purchase tickets are subject to availability and the volume of such tickets varies from service to service.
  5. The Open Days GWR travel offer is available for the dates provided by each university and the week that the event takes place, running Saturday to the next Sunday. So stay for more than a day to get a feel for the local scene.
  6. The scheme is combinable with a Young Persons Railcard. Simply tick the box on the page by “Passengers” and select from the drop down box.
  7. The URL is unique to your university and cannot be used for destinations other than specified.


If you have any questions, please contact us.