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Graduates First psychometric tests

If you are a student or graduate, you can practice common aptitude tests and find out more about employer recruitment stages through Graduates First

Tests available

Graduates First offers a variety of different tests for you to practice.

  • 7 verbal reasoning tests
  • 7 numerical reasoning tests
  • 7 logical reasoning tests
  • A work style personality questionnaire
  • Interview Question Identifier tool
  • Situational judgement test
  • Assessment centre exercises
  • Game-based assessments
  • Watson Glaser test
  • A very comprehensive package including detailed reports, explanation of incorrect answers and video tutorials.

The package also offers practice video interview software where you can record yourself answering interview questions.

Interview practice

Graduates First also has video interview software which allows you to practice your interview technique.

Employer recruitment stages

Graduates First also includes detailed step-by-step guides to over 100 top graduate employer's recruitment stages and hints on how to pass their assessment process.

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