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University of Bath

Guidance for Step into Bath participants

An overview of Step into Bath including information on all of the activities taking place throughout the week and a Handbook which you can download.

Welcome to Step into Bath

Thank you very much for signing up for this programme. Throughout the week you will be able to engage with the university application process, find out more about your chosen course and put into practice some key study skills.

Each Live Session during this week will run between 3pm and 5pm (BST). On Monday to Thursday, there will be a small task to accompany each session. The first hour will be the Live Session itself, and between 4pm and 5pm there will be a support session, so if you would like to ask any questions about the session or the task, you will be able to do so then.

It is down to you how much time you spend on each task, but you will find by completing them, you will be more engaged with the programme and start to develop a really good understanding of the university application process. It’s also a great way to start developing those independent learning skills which will be key once you get to university.

Throughout the week, there will also be the chance to engage with our Student Ambassadors during our Instagram takeover on @UniofBath and the final session of the week will be a live Q&A. If you have any questions you would like to ask them about their journey to university or what it is like to be a University of Bath student, this is your chance to do so!

On this page, you will find a short summary of each session and you can download the Step into Bath Handbook, which contains the tasks and resources for the week.

Structure for the week

Session 1 – Transferable Skills & Goal Setting

During this session, we will be looking into transferable skills that are key to identify and exemplify when writing an application, whether that will be for university or a job. We will also start thinking about the university application process and start to identify some goals you would like to achieve during this process, whether that be finding some work/voluntary experience or improving on a particular skill to help you make a more confident application.

Session 2 – Choosing a Course & Studying at University

During this session, we will be looking at the key factors you need to consider when choosing the right university course for you. We will also be looking at how you study at university for different courses and what study skills you put into use. We’ll be sharing our top tips for note-taking, presenting & essay planning and you’ll have the option to practice some of these during the task for the day.

Session 3 – Choosing and Applying to University

During this session, we’ll be looking at the key factors you need to consider when choosing the right university for you. We will also go over the application process itself and share some tips as to how to make a great application when applying to a competitive university. We will also be sharing some key resources to look for when researching different universities, putting into practice your own research skills.

Session 4 – Writing Your Best Personal Statement

During this session, we’ll be focusing on that all-important piece of writing for your application. Personal statements are so important and can make a big difference to your application, so we’ll be looking at the structure, what to include and what to avoid. You’ll also be able to look at some good & bad examples of personal statements and start making a plan for your own.

Session 5 – Student Life & Q&A

This session will be led by one of our Student Ambassadors, who will share their experience of applying to university, choosing their course and studying at the University of Bath now. There will also be time for a live Q&A afterwards so if you have any questions about the application process, or what it's like to be a student at Bath, you can ask these now!

If at any point outside of the Live Sessions you have any questions or would like some feedback on your completed tasks, please feel free to email the Programme Leader, Siobhan Ralfe.