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Help us keep you safe by downloading the SafeZone app

Students and staff have free access to the SafeZone app, which gives you an easy way to contact campus security and receive emergency messages at University.

We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of staff and students, so we are providing the SafeZone app free to all members of the University community.

How the app works

SafeZone will enable you to:

  • immediately contact the Security team or wellbeing services in an emergency

  • get first aid when you’re on campus

  • receive notifications during an emergency situation.

You can easily report non-emergency issues, such as damage on campus, being locked out, or suspicious activity using the 'Report a Tip' button.

You can download it for iOS or download the Android app and sign in using your University username and password.

Location services

To make full use of all the features, we advise you allow location services on your device and stay ‘checked in’ while on campus or in University buildings. Your location is only visible when you are on University premises and checked in, or outside of these areas only until any alert you have raised has been resolved.

Even when you’re not on campus or in University buildings, SafeZone can provide useful location-based functionality, for example notifying you of accidents or emergencies in the local area.

Please note shared location data is deleted after 30 days. The exception to this is data collected for Student Visa engagement compliance, which we are required to keep for longer by UK Visas & Immigration.

Student visa holders

If you have a Student visa (previously called a Tier 4 visa), you are also required to use the SafeZone app for academic engagement monitoring requirements from the start of the academic year 2021/22.

One of our international students said, "As a newly arrived international student, I was apprehensive about my personal safety when I first arrived. When I heard about SafeZone and how it can get me in contact with Security in seconds, I downloaded it and it has been very helpful. I also need to use it to demonstrate my Academic Engagement, and the automatic check-in function means I don't even have to think about it. I have recommended it to friends several times!"

Further information

Find out more about how to use SafeZone and read answers to SafeZone FAQs. If you need any help or need to report a technical issue, contact our helpdesk.

App power management settings

We are aware of some Android devices stopping apps from running in the background, in order to save battery life. If SafeZone is stopped in this way, your device will stop updating us with information about your check-in, and it will look like your session has ended.

If you have an Android phone, please change your power management settings so that it doesn't do this for SafeZone - you can read more details on the problem and your specific device settings.