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How the Digital team can help you

We develop content, design and features for the University's digital channels. We also offer you support, guidance and advice on digital best practice.

Digital project support

Our team of user experience designers, content designers and applications developers can help you:

  • get a better understanding of your users - what they do and what they want
  • plan digital objectives that match your needs and your users'
  • plan, design and build new digital content and services
  • set and monitor performance measures
  • set up online tools for you to plan and monitor future work and improvements

Get in touch with us, whether you've just had an idea or already started advanced planning.

Technical consultancy and support

Technical support

If you're having a problem with the website, our blogs, the content management system or the content publisher, email us at

We normally respond to emails within two working days.

If there is an urgent problem, for example, if the website is unavailable, call us on 01225 386017.

Software development

We aim to improve awareness of software quality standards across the University.

We offer advice, guidance and consultation on:

  • setting up a mobile app
  • developing new web applications
  • integrating and styling new web applications with the rest of the website

Content design consultancy and support

If you need support or guidance on any digital project, we can help you from the planning stages through to creating your content and maintaining it.


Our team writes and runs workshops on:

  • user stories and user journey planning
  • audits and inventories
  • creating content
  • how to use planning tools such as Trello
  • how to write user-focused content

We can also run tailored workshops, so get in touch and let us know what you need.

Running projects

Our content designers can spend time with you, advising and helping you to set up and run your project, including:

  • how to use collaborative tools
  • how to resource your project
  • how to manage your workload with editorial calendars and project management tools

Pair writing

If you are struggling to write content that meets our Editorial Style Guide and fits our content types, contact us to book a pair writing session. We can spend time with your subject expert to co-create content or talk you through how to use the method itself.

Reviews and feedback

If you just need someone to review and feed back on your content, we can provide guidance if necessary.

User experience design consultancy and support

We can help you plan and carry out user research sessions for your content to see where the user experience can be improved, either from a content design or visual point of view.

Usability testing and research

We can advise you on setting objectives and using techniques for testing, including:

  • focus groups
  • remote user research
  • portable usability testing

Video production and support

Types of video

From the planning stages to producing your video, we can work with you to create:

  • marketing videos
  • videos for social media
  • explainer videos

Video services

If you need support or guidance on any video project, we can help you:

  • write a brief
  • create a storyboard
  • shoot video
  • edit video

We can also give you general advice on video production.


If you have any questions, please contact us.