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How to save money on your energy bill

Energy bills are on the rise for various reasons and we want to help you to limit the impact.

With the cost of living on the rise now is the time to save as much as you can as unchecked energy can end up costing you a small fortune.

This guide can give you tailored information depending on if your are in halls or rented. Read on to see how to save energy and make sure you are energy smart.

Explore the top energy saving tips

Energy saving tip 1

Don't overfill the kettle - only boil as much water as you need (it's usually less than you think!)

Energy saving tip 2

Put a lid on the pan when cooking on the hob. It keeps heat inside and reduces cooking time.

Energy saving tip 3

Use the right sized pans for the amount of food you are cooking. And choose the right sized burner or ring for the pan.

Energy saving tip 4

Before turning up the heating, put on an extra layer of clothing to see if that warms you up enough.

Energy saving tip 5

If the heating is on, make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep the heat inside. If you're too warm, make sure your heating is off before opening a window.

Energy saving tip 6

  • Do your laundry at 30 degrees or a cool setting
  • Only put on the washing when it's full
  • Air-dry clothes where possible instead of using the tumble dryer

Energy saving tip 7

Enable energy-saving settings on your computer and phone to make the battery last longer. You can also turn down the brightness so you can go longer between charges.

Energy saving tip 8

Open curtains during the day to let in natural light, and close them at sunset to keep in the warmth.

Energy saving tip 9

Shorter showers save water and energy. Taking just one minute off your shower time can save up to 10 litres of water.

Energy saving tip 10

Don't leave appliances on standby - switch them off at the wall whenever you're not using them.

Support from the Student Union

The Student's Union have put together an article about living in an increasingly expensive world. Read The Rising Cost of Living in 2022 – Support and How to Save Money for top tips on saving money and support resources to consider.

If you'd like to speak to someone from the Student's Union, please email

The Student Living Team can help with any issues when renting private accommodation

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