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University of Bath

How Widening Participation works with schools and colleges

How we work with local schools and colleges to encourage under-represented students to apply to university.

Primary school students and their teacher having their photo taken as part of a mock graduation ceremony
Primary school students' mock graduation ceremony

Collaborating with local schools and colleges

A successful widening participation programme is important to us. We want to work with your school or college to raise your students’ attainment, help them explore opportunities for the future and support their progression to higher education.

Working together, we develop programmes of activity which meet the needs of your primary, secondary and post-16 students.

If your school or college has a high number of students from under-represented groups, the Outreach team particularly want to work with you to encourage these students to go to university.

Formal working agreements

If you enter into formal working agreements with us, you can benefit from a structured, substantial programme of activities. You also benefit from priority booking on our events.

When we agree to work collaboratively, the University and your school or college sign a working agreement. We will draw up an action plan which includes the 'on-campus' and 'in-school or college' programme of activities that best support your students.

Our programmes of activity aim to:

  • complement and enhance the school or college curriculum in areas where the University can provide subject expertise
  • help students with academic potential to achieve the grades they need to make a successful application to a selective university
  • increase students' understanding of higher education structures and practices, including choosing and applying for courses
  • encourage students to see the University of Bath as an attainable, realistic option

We assign a WP Outreach Officer to your school or college to be your first point of contact at the University. They work with your school to develop your programme of activity.

We involve staff from across the University, including academic departments, the Students’ Union, the Library, the Sports Training Village and The Edge.

Informal ways of working

While we recommend that you work with us on a formal basis, you are welcome to simply pick and choose from the following events.

You can bring students to our events, including:

Local Post-16 students can also take part in a two-year sustained programme of curriculum enhancement activities as part of On Track to Bath and students further afield can take part in our Pathway to Bath programme

We also run FREE Year 12 Discover Bath residentials for national schools and colleges.

Student Ambassadors

The majority of our events and activities are supported by Student Ambassadors - current undergraduates. They provide a real insight into what the University of Bath is really like.

Student blogs

You could encourage your Year 12 and 13 students to read our student blogs for greater insight into student life.