University of Bath

IELTS test day information

Find out where you need to go, the test day timetable and what you need to bring if you are taking an IELTS test at Bath.

Candidate sitting on a bench waiting to take her IELTS test.
Taking your IELTS test @Bath

Where to meet

When you arrive at the university you should make your way to the Meeting Point, in the foyer of the University Library. You will be met here by a member of the IELTS team.

You must arrive by 8.45am.


Our normal test day runs from 9.00am till 5.35pm.

All candidates take the Listening, Reading and Writing tests together.

For your speaking test you will be given a 15 minute slot, which is assigned on the test day.

Test Start time Finish time
Listening 10.00am 10.40am
Reading 11.00am 11.55am
Writing 12.00pm 1.10pm
Speaking 2.00pm 5.35pm

What to bring

All candidates

For your test you will need to bring the Identification Document that you used to apply for your IELTS Test.

Under 18 year old candidates

You will need to bring a signed consent form.

Inside the venue

You may bring a clear water bottle into your test.

All test materials you will require for the test will be provided by us.