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Impact Acceleration Account

Find out about and apply to the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), which provides funding to develop the impact from your EPSRC funded research.

Impact Acceleration Account
Impact Acceleration Account

About the IAA

The Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) is an award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to the University. It is worth £1.4 million over three years, from April 2017 until March 2020.

The EPSRC IAA is designed to support the knowledge exchange and impact from your research. It helps to speed up the contribution that your research makes towards new innovation and success across industry, business and the public sector.

The IAA will fund projects which relate to an existing EPSRC grant, ideally within a few years of completion. This is to stimulate pathways to impact and collaborative research and development projects.

You can apply for funding through the account. The latest opportunities will be advertised here when funding is available for future calls. Contact Alice Hovanessian for further information.

IAA Projects

See the IAA projects at the University, which have been funded to develop impact from EPSRC funded research.

Impact Assessment Group (IAG)

The Impact Assessment Group (IAA) makes decisions about knowledge exchange and pathways to impact funding schemes.