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University of Bath

In school presentations and workshops and support for Careers and HE Fairs

Staff and students can deliver talks, presentations and workshops at your school or colleges and support your Careers, HE Fairs and Parents' Evenings

The Be Ready Programme

Our Be Ready programme has three strands; knowledge of HE, skills to succeed and future pathways.

We have a range of interactive presentations and workshops in each strand which, together with our attendance at careers and higher education fairs and delivery of online Q+A events, form a programme of activity across key stages to help students make informed and competitive applications to university, develop key skills to succeed in higher education, make key decisions about their futures and take advantage of opportunities to enhance their employability prospects.

Our current programme is being delivered online find the full list and booking details

Be Ready - All you need to know about Higher Education

Designed to raise awareness of Higher Education and the realities of university life this series of presentations and workshops are delivered in school by our staff and student ambassadors. They provide students and parents/carers with the information they need to make informed decisions about higher education, university courses, the University of Bath and the UCAS application process.

Year 9

  • Design your own university

Year 11

  • Why go to University?
  • Student finance & why it shouldn’t put you off

Year 12

  • Why Bath?
  • What is it like to be a university student?
  • Choosing the right course
  • Getting to grips with the UCAS application process
  • How to make yourself stand out to competitive universities
  • Student finance & why it shouldn’t put you off
  • How to manage your money while at university
  • An introduction to personal statements
  • Planning and writing a competitive personal statement
  • Making the most of clearing


  • Why go to university?
  • Why Bath?
  • Student finance & why it shouldn’t put you off
  • An introduction to personal statements
  • Planning and writing a competitive personal statement

Be Ready - The skills to succeed

We know the move to university is a big step and so to help students find their feet we can deliver a range of engaging workshops to support them in making a successful transition to university and to maximise their time when there.

These workshops are for Year 12 students.

  • Thinking analytically
  • How to take notes and keep them organised
  • Presentation skills for success at university and beyond
  • Time management – ‘how to keep on top of it all’
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Academic writing
  • Referencing & plagiarism
  • Working as part of a group and taking a lead
  • Finding and evaluating sources
  • Making the most your university library to support independent learning
  • Building resilience

Be Ready - Making the most of your options

This series of presentations and workshops aims to help students understand their options and take a proactive and reflective approach to decision making. With a range of support from Year 8 through to Post-16 they will help students make informed choices at key decision points in order to make the most of their future prospects.

Year 8/9

  • So, who am I?
  • What can I do with my future?
  • How do I get there?
  • Is Higher Education right for me?

Futures Days – a combination of the above four workshops, run as a complete event.

Year 11

  • What can I do after my GCSE’s?

Year 12

  • Why do a placement?
  • What opportunities are there to work or study abroad?
  • How can university make you more employable?

Live Online Student Q&A Sessions

As part of the Be Ready programme we hold live online Q&A opportunities run by University of Bath Student Ambassadors. These are themed sessions and provide year 11, 12 & 13 students an opportunity to chat to a current student, understand more about that particular theme but also to ask questions on anything they want to know about university or need advice about.

Spring/Summer session dates will be announced in January.

Career/HE Fairs, Parents and Open Evenings

Our team support school and college fairs for students in years 7-13 and their parents. Our staff will provide information on higher education, progression routes, course options as well as the University of Bath and the wide range of opportunities it has to offer.