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Language resources for advanced level

Find out how our resources can support your independent language learning or complement what you are learning in the classroom.

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Develop your language and intercultural skills

Language partner

There are many benefits of practising a language with a partner such as learning at your own place, making a new friend, and practise speaking and listening skills.

You can register for the Language Exchange to increase your chances to meet native speakers of the language you want to learn.


Our comprehensive movie collection in different languages is an authentic and dynamic audio-visual resource that can support you in maintaining your advanced level. Turn watching movies into a habit and you will develop a good ear for pronunciation, slang and colloquialisms.

Why not meet up with a native speaker of the language you are learning to discuss the movie after watching it together? You can sign up for the Language Exchange and search for a partner to practise dialogues and ask about cultural nuances in the movie.

You can search for the movie title in the library catalogue and borrow it for three days.

Online resources


We subscribe to The Chairman’s Bao. This is one of the most popular resources for learning Chinese, as it contains a number of articles and blogs on a variety of topics with audio files that accompany the reading material. Many of these are aimed at advanced level and include the following topics: Chinese food, Business and Economics and Life in China. To access this, you need to contact our Chinese teacher Daisy Zhu.


We have 'Tense Buster' to help you build your confidence with 33 key grammar areas, including phrasal verbs at advanced level. We also have Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech) in a range of male and female; young and middle-aged voices; in English, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, North American, Chinese and Indian accents so learners are exposed to a real life variety of accents. This program is aimed at advanced learners and can help you to listen and to reproduce sounds accurately. To access this, just self-enrol on the Language Learning Zone English Moodle page.

Printed resources

Reading everyday in your target language is an effective way to expand your vocabulary and comprehension skills. If you are an advanced language learner, try reading our fiction books for relaxation and entertainment. You could consider alternating your reading techniques with the same book - you could read two or three pages, observing the grammar patterns and writing down new vocabulary and read the rest of the book for pleasure.

Authentic newspaper texts can be a motivating tool that could enable you to read more confidently and extensively if you are an advanced learner. The Library stocks a selection of newspapers available in a number of languages on Level 2 near the entrance. Reading these will help you to increase your vocabulary acquisition and help you to improve fluency.

Advanced grammar books are useful resources to help you to continue learning more complex grammar points. They are mostly written in the target language, some come with diagnostic tests, plenty of practice exercises and audio CDs.

You can look for a specific printed resources in the library catalogue and borrow them for seven days with automatic renewals up to 12 months or to the end of your course.