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University of Bath

Language resources for intermediate level

Find out how our resources can support your independent language learning or complement what you are learning in the classroom.

Student working on a tablet on a language learning app
Develop your language and intercultural skills

Language partner

There are many benefits of practising a language with a partner such as learning at your own place, making a new friend, and practise speaking and listening skills.

You can register for the Language Exchange to increase your chances to meet native speakers of the language you want to learn.


We have a comprehensive collection of movies in different languages with subtitles to support you to improve your comprehension and listening skills. Breaking your favourite movie into small segments, mimicking your favourite characters' pronunciation and writing down new phrases by studying the subtitle are effective techniques to help you to continue improving your language learning skills with movies.

You can search for the movie title in the library catalogue and borrow it for three days.

Online resources


We subscribe to Alma.Tv. A web TV series dedicated to Italian language and culture. This is an engaging online resource that supplements lessons in Nuovo Expresso books. Episodes are carefully designed for beginner and intermediate learners of Italian. To access this, just self-enrol onto the Language Learning Zone Moodle page.


We subscribe to The Chairman’s Bao. This is one of the most comprehensive online Chinese news-based graded reader for students of Mandarin Chinese. If you would like to have access to contemporary news or cultural blogs to complement your learning, this is a good resource to explore. To access this, you need to contact our Chinese teacher Daisy Zhu.


You can use our Clarity English to help you prepare for your IELTS exam by practising with ‘Road to IELTS’, test your grammar with 'Tense Buster', develop good English pronunciation with ‘Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds)’ and ‘Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech)’. To access this, just self-enrol onto the Language Learning Zone English Moodle page.

Printed resources

Reading short stories in a foreign language with parallel English translation might be an effective way of checking your understanding and increasing your vocabulary. We have a subscription to a number of audio magazines with a wide range of topics including cinema, politics, sport and popular culture. These are graded at intermediate level and they could help you to improve or maintain your reading and listening skills in your target language.

We have a selection of intermediate easy readers, fiction and newspapers in a number of languages. Reading these will help you to increase your word acquisition and help you to improve fluency.

The bestselling 501 Verbs series is an useful resource to help you learn verbs and their conjugations. Verbs are arranged alphabetically with English translations in chart form, one verb per page, and conjugated in all persons and tenses, both active and passive.

Grammar and course books with audio CDs aimed at intermediate learners are also available for you to borrow. You can look for a specific printed resources in the library catalogue and borrow them for seven days with automatic renewals up to 12 months or to the end of your course.

Board games

Playing board games with friends can make your language learning more sociable and enjoyable. You can play games in several languages aimed at intermediate level. This way, you can develop your language skills for real communication and you can borrow these games from us during our staffed hours.