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Lead and manage change effectively: the Change Management Tool Kit

Access guidance and resources about leading and managing change initiatives on any scale.

The Change Management tool kit

The information and resources on this page are for anyone involved in change, especially those leading and managing change initiatives on any scale. They are presented as a series of steps, but change isn’t always linear or predictable, so the resources are really an aid to disciplined thinking rather than a set of instructions.

The change management tool kit sets out the things you will need to consider at all stages of a change process. It is presented as a whole or as bite-sized sections for each stage. Whether you are rearranging a team office or restructuring an organisation, you will need to think through each of these stages.

The Change Management Toolkit therefore covers: - Introduction to managing change: the principles and key things to consider - Why change? Why is change necessary? Starting to analyse the situation and options - Reasons and stakeholders: developing the rationale and engaging the people who will be affected and who will make it happen - Vision and communication:  do we all understand what is happening and why? - The plan: figuring out the practical steps that will have to be taken, and assigning clear roles and responsibilities - How people experience change: the absolute most important factor: people experience change in different ways, and many will need help through the transition. - Project management guidance and templates

The practical steps that enable change are frequently arranged as projects and the University has developed a standard methodology to managing projects. Details can be found within the University project management webpages

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