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Learn Brazilian Portuguese with the Skills Centre if you are a University of Bath student

Find out about our courses and how to enrol on the right one for you.

Christmas decoration saying 'Bem-vindo' ('welcome' in Portuguese) surrounded by illuminated fairy lights.
Develop your Portuguese language and intercultural skills

We teach Brazilian Portuguese, but some references are made to the variations of Portuguese spoken around the world, especially to European Portuguese.

Our language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Please contact the course tutor if you learnt Portuguese as a heritage language and/or have lived in a Portuguese speaking country.


Our language courses aim to develop your linguistic skills and intercultural competence. You can find out more on the general information page.

We offer an Introduction to Portuguese course to students currently studying at the University of Bath.

Course descriptions

Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese

This course is suitable for those who have never studied Portuguese before.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and others
  • exchange factual information such as nationality, phone number, and professions
  • describe friends and family members
  • talk about everyday activities, likes and dislikes
  • have an awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity of Portuguese-speaking countries

Student experience

"The hybrid aspect of this course enabled me to manage tasks which I needed to prioritise, namely coursework deadlines, which was great. The teacher was very engaging and the content was extremely insightful."

In addition to our courses, there are opportunities to develop your language and intercultural skills informally with other students through Peer Assisted Learning.

Outside the classroom, we also share cultural events organised by Brazilian associations in the UK such as the Brazilian Cultural Centre and Brazil Institute with our students. These events offer additional opportunities for you to develop your knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese language and culture.

Course dates and times

Our Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese course is a 5 week blended learning course consisting of 3 in-person and 2 online lessons.

The in-person sessions will be delivered on campus, the online lessons are tasks you'll complete independently on Moodle.

  • Lesson 1 In-person
  • Lesson 2 Moodle
  • Lesson 3 In-person
  • Lesson 4 Moodle
  • Lesson 5 In-person
Courses Delivery Day Time Start date End date
Introduction to Portuguese Blended Tuesday 18:15 - 20:05 10 Oct 7 Nov

Enrolment for Semester 1 courses is now closed.

Dates and times for Semester 2 courses will be published in December 2023 and enrolment for Semester 2 will open in January 2024.


If you have any questions, please contact us.