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Course Levels

We offer six levels in German from Complete Beginner to Advanced.

Complete Beginner

This level is suitable for those who have never studied German before.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • have had an introduction to the language (pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar)
  • be confident in talking about a variety of topics, such as: family, free time, shopping and work
  • have learnt about the culture of the countries where German is spoken

Post Beginner

Enrol in this course if you:

  • have completed the Complete Beginner unit with us or have a sound knowledge of German.

Or if you can:

  • introduce yourself and others and can provide information about your nationality, the language/s you speak and about your hobbies and family
  • form negative sentences
  • compare hotel options and book a hotel room
  • express likes and dislikes about food and place an order
  • know some modal verbs: (können, möchten) and can use adjective endings appropriately (accusative)

Lower Intermediate Part 2

Enrol in this course if you:

  • have some previous knowledge of German (completed the Beginner’s course with us and/or have a GCSE or similar qualification).

Or if you:

  • are familiar with the present and the perfect tenses
  • know some idiomatic expressions
  • talk about your studies and future plans
  • can use modal verbs quite comfortably
  • can express your likes and dislikes using comparatives and superlatives

Intermediate Part 2

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have completed the Intermediate Part 1 with us and/or have an AS level or equivalent in German.

Or if you can:

  • interact in German in common social situations with a degree of flexibility
  • understand straightforward written texts on familiar topics such as friendship, housing, free time activities
  • write to give your opinion on current issues
  • talk about German culture
  • have an appropriate grasp of grammar, such as tenses, word order and declension

Upper Intermediate Part 2

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have completed the Upper Intermediate Part 1 level with us and/or have an A level or equivalent in German.

Or if you:

  • are already able to communicate in a number of less predictable situations, including some more abstract topic areas
  • can navigate comfortably between a wide range of tenses
  • have a good grasp of grammar, including the Passive and the Subjunctive
  • can produce written output responding to different written and aural sources
  • can write German with a good level of accuracy, including the use of more complex structures
  • can deliver a speech with reasonably good fluency and without notes

Advanced Part 2

Enrol in this course if you:

  • have a high level of proficiency in German and/or have lived in a German-speaking country.

Or if you:

  • are able to practise German on a weekly basis by working with complex written materials (including advanced grammar and idioms), often of an abstract nature, and engaging in a variety of speaking, listening and writing activities)
  • can express yourself fluently in German
  • can understand complex spoken or written German with ease, including different registers
  • can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • are able to debate on complex issues
  • are familiar with more intricate aspects of the language, such as particles or indirect speech


The Spring Term will start in February and enrolments are now open for members of the public and staff and 28 January for students. To enrol, you should select from the appropriate link for you below:

Independent Language Learning

University students or staff members can access independent language learning resources including films, books, and online resources to help you build your knowledge and language skills from the Language Learning Zone.