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University of Bath

Living in University accommodation from September 2020

What to expect from life in our accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving in

If you do not need to quarantine and you have applied to live in University accommodation, you will be sent information about your allocated accommodation in August.

The University holds allocated accommodation up until 31 October 2020 and will start charging from the point that you take up your room.

From 1 November 2020, if you wish the University to hold your room, you will need to start paying for your accommodation, even if you have not moved to Bath. You can choose to give up your allocated room and reapply for a place in accommodation from 1 January 2021 if you are not able to take up your room by 31 October and do not wish to pay for it.

If you are travelling from overseas and do not need to quarantine, you will need to book into private sector accommodation if you arrive before your specified date.

Unless you have specifically applied to live in family accommodation, the University is not able to accommodate any family members who decide to travel with you to Bath. This is to ensure the safety of those living in your allocated University accommodation.

For further information read our Moving into campus accommodation or Moving into University accommodation in the city pages.

Life in student accommodation

Although socialising needs to remain within your household, there is still an extensive programme of events for you to enjoy, organised by the Students’ Union. These are a great way to explore campus and the city.

There is a regular bus service that run every few minutes if you want to travel between campus and the city centre. Remember to wear a face covering when using the bus.

Your household

Due to government guidance on COVID-19, each house or flat is treated as one household. This means that you are not able to socialise with students from other accommodation indoors, only in outdoor areas. Some groups, such as those living in Westwood, will be a large household of 18 to 20 people. The two flats that share a social space in The Quads are treated as one household.

Current guidance means that guests from outside the University are not able to stay with you at the moment.


Make sure you're wearing your wristband, given to you when you arrive. We ask that you wear this at all times until further notice.

Every member of your household has the same wristband which is unique to your household. This is designed to help keep you, our staff, and our community safe.

Should you wish to not wear your wristband, you will be asked to leave groups, even if you are with your household.

Wearing the wristband at all times allows you to move around campus and socialise as a household group more freely.

When you meet with other students, seeing the wristband allows our campus teams to quickly confirm that all students in your group are members of the same household.

It also lets you to use campus facilities such as the Students’ Union more easily and enables appropriate action to be taken when necessary to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Shared Living Agreement

You will be introduced to our Shared Living Agreement. It’s important to read this carefully and sign it within the first few days of moving in. This will help to keep everybody safe, as well as understand and agree the best way to live together.


A cleaning pack and guide will be provided in your kitchen.

You are responsible for keeping your accommodation clean on a daily basis. Our accommodation team will aim to clean your accommodation several times a week.

You must not leave belongings in social spaces, or washing up in kitchens, as this means our teams won’t be able to clean as thoroughly.

Food and drink

We have a wide range of places to eat on campus. Due to government guidance on COVID-19, some of these are temporarily closed, but many are still open serving takeaway food and drinks. Although indoor seating areas aren’t open, there’s various locations where you can sit outside.

There’s also a small supermarket on campus, selling groceries, household good and food to go. Make sure you observe social distancing guidelines when visiting any of our outlets and remember to wear a face covering.

If you’re living in Polden Court or Brendon Court, a weekly amount of credit is added to your library card each week. You also receive set meals for lunch and dinner every day.

Read Yasmin’s story

Find out what life has been like for Yasmin, one of our first-year students, who lived on campus through lockdown. Read Yasmin's article in the student magazine, Bath Time,'Being a fresher on campus during lockdown'.

Support we offer in University accommodation

Student Living Ambassadors

We understand that you will want to feel part of a community when living in our accommodation. The University has a team of Student Living Ambassadors who will provide support to everyone living in our accommodation.

Watch our video to find out more about how our Student Living Ambassadors can help you during your first year at Bath.

Accommodation Security team

We also have a dedicated Student Accommodation Security team who will provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Watch our video to find out what the Security team does to make the University campus as safe as possible.

Enhanced safety measures

The safety and support for our students is very important to us. We are making various changes in our accommodation to mitigate against the transmission of COVID-19:

  • Wash basins are now included in all bedrooms.
  • The accommodation is thoroughly cleaned before your arrival and whilst living here.
  • You will be living in single room accommodation, shared rooms are no longer available.
  • Our accommodation teams are operating in cohorts, to help minimise risk.
  • Indoor social spaces are temporarily closed, as recommended by government guidelines.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms and need to self isolate we can support you, with delivering food and extra cleaning supplies. Find out what to do if you have symptoms.

If you still have concerns, we advise that you seek advice from your doctor on whether coming to live in University accommodation is right for you.