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Mail and parcel collection

How to get your mail and parcels during your isolation period.

Receiving a parcel.
With your permission, we can deliver your parcels to you.

Mail and parcel collection

With your permission, we can deliver mail and parcels to your household during your isolation period. 

You will receive an email from the Student Parcel Centre (SPC) if a parcel is delivered for you.

Reply to this email stating that you give our department, ahs, permission to collect your parcel on your behalf.

Then email us at letting us know you have a parcel for collection.

We will then collect any mail from your mailbox and deliver it with any parcels to outside the door of your household.

Although we aim to deliver mail and parcels within 48 hours this may not always be possible.

We accept no responsibility for the mail or parcels you request for us to deliver on your behalf.


If you have any questions, please contact us.