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University of Bath

Making a complaint about student accommodation

What to do if you are dissatisfied with our accommodation services and want to make a complaint.

Stage one - making a minor complaint

If you have a minor complaint, raise it with either the housekeeping staff or the reception staff at the accommodation centres. They will try to resolve your complaint with an informal discussion.

The relevant Accommodation Operations Coordinator will review your complaint. If they cannot resolve your complaint, they will refer it to the relevant team leader.

You will receive either a written or verbal response within two working days.

Stage two - making a written complaint

If your complaint is more serious, you may want to make a formal written complaint.

Email your complaint to or post it to:

Complaints and feedback
West Accommodation Centre
University of Bath
Claverton Down

We will aim to send you a written reply within two working days of receiving your written complaint.

If your complaint is about a complex matter, we will undertake a detailed investigation. We will let you know what is happening with your complaint every five working days until we can reply in full.

All written complaints are recorded.

Stage three - escalating your complaint

If you are not satisfied with our response to your written complaint, you can contact the Accommodation Operations Manager or the Student Accommodation Manager.

Write to:

Accommodation Operations Manager/Student Accommodation Manager
University of Bath
Claverton Down

We will respond to your complaint in five working days.

If you find the response from either of these managers unacceptable, you can write to the Director of AHS at the same address within five working days of receiving the response. If you are still not satisfied with the response from the Director, you can escalate the complaint by emailing

If you have a complaint about student accommodation that relates to the Universities UK Code of Practice, and it cannot be resolved by the Director of AHS, you can refer to the Universities UK complaints procedure.