University of Bath

Making a group booking for a Widening Participation event

How to book places for a group of your students on our Futures Days, Taster Days, A Level Enrichment Days and other events.

When to use the group booking form

You should use the group booking form to book groups of students on:

Before you apply

Read all the information on this page before you open the form.

Check that your students meet one or more of the eligibility criteria and can be considered a widening participation student.

What happens to the student data you supply?

You have to include information about your students when you complete the application form. This data can be sensitive, for example, name, date of birth and postcode. You must only send it to us using our secure, password-protected application form.

Please read this information to find out what, why and how we use your data and how you can request copies or have data removed from our records.

Completing the application form

  1. Open the booking form. You may see a message saying 'Macros have been disabled'. If so, click 'Enable Content'.

  2. The application form must be password-protected. Your password must be at least 14 characters long. We recommend using this password generator.

  3. Enter the password you have created in the password area on the 'Checklist' page of the form.

  4. Click the 'Password Protect File' button.

  5. Keep your password somewhere safe so that you can access the form again if you need to.

  6. Complete the rest of the form. Make sure you complete all the pages, including the code of practice included on the application form. This tells you what you need to do before and on the day your school takes part.

  7. Save the form somewhere safe.

  8. Email the form to

After you apply

We will email you to tell you we have received your application form.

When you get this confirmation, call us on 01225 384041 to tell us your password. Do not email your password to anybody.

If you don't hear from us

If you don't hear from us within five days of sending us your application form, please call us and let us know.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password, call us and we'll give you a verbal reminder of your password.

You should use this password for all the events that you book places on which are run by Widening Participation. For security reasons, you should change your password every year.

Finding out if you have got a place

We will confirm your places at least two weeks before the event.