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Modern British Society: government, citizenship and culture

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Two British Studies students discussing the British Welfare State
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Modern British Society

On this 11 -week course you will study selected aspects of modern British society to gain insights into British perceptions of nationality and what it means to be a British citizen. Teaching is through lectures with follow-up small group seminars.

You will study:

  • The United Kingdom and its component parts: ideas of Britishness and other national identities

  • Demography, population patterns and trends

  • Ethnic minorities: the change from short-term workers to permanent settlers; citizenship and the legacy of empire; recent immigration and new concepts of citizenship

  • The status and role of the Church of England and the role of religion in society

  • Constitutional monarchy in theory and practice

  • The political system, Westminster and devolution. Voting, declining participation and representation of women and ethnic minorities

  • Britain and the EU; the economy and patterns of employment; regional variation and women in the labour market

  • The media, broadcast, print and electronic; ownership and reach

To be awarded credits for this course, a minimum of 80% attendance is required.


The next Modern British Society course will run in Semester 1 2019.

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