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MSc Civil Engineering: new units for 2022 entry

Read unit details for our new MSc Civil Engineering starting in 2022.

Infrastructure design project

Credits (ECTS): 10

Work in teams with MSc students who have different specialities to design a key civil infrastructure facility linked to sustainable development activities.

Advanced geotechnical engineering

Credits (ECTS): 10

Refresh and advance your existing knowledge of geotechnical engineering through developing some advanced soil models, and appreciating problematic soils which do not fit conventional models.

Coastal and offshore engineering

Credits (ECTS): 10

Learn about coastal and offshore engineering and how civil engineers can design coastal and offshore structures in a sustainable manner. Find out about the latest research into marine renewable energy and how it can play a part in our future.

Numerical and analytical methods in civil engineering

Credits (ECTS): 10

Learn how to apply different numerical and analytical methods used in civil engineering. These include the Finite Element Method and probabilistic methods such as Monte-Carlo simulations. Develop the ability to communicate the outcomes to specialist and non-specialist audiences.