University of Bath

On Track to Bath: Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Track

A free two-year curriculum enhancement programme for students considering studying Management, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance or Economics.

What your students can expect from this track

The On Track to Bath Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Track is for students considering a future in business, management or finance.

Your students will have the opportunity to:

  • find out about studying business and management courses or economics at university
  • learn what makes a successful business in an international context
  • work as part of a team to develop problem-solving and analytical skills
  • improve communication and essay-writing skills
  • develop the knowledge and skills to be successful in business and management at university and beyond
  • discover the challenges of business and management in an ever-changing international market
  • explore what it takes to build a successful business
  • learn about tools and practices to boost their exam success

They will be able to reference this experience in their UCAS application.

Academic research project

Your students will study an academic research project. This develops essential skills and practices for studying at a university level. It will also enhance students’ understanding of business and its challenges.

Your students will work as a team to explore, develop and promote a business venture. They attend a programme of nine on-campus sessions.

The project will also help students who want to go on and take the Extended Project at AS level.