University of Bath

On Track to Bath: Languages Track

A free two-year curriculum enhancement programme for students considering a joint or single course in Modern Foreign Languages.

What your students can expect from this track

The On Track to Bath Languages Track is for students considering studying a Language based course at university. This track can be taken in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Your students will have the opportunity to:

  • find out about studying languages courses at university
  • enhance crucial A level language skills and knowledge
  • develop communication skills through an exploration of film and culture
  • discover the range of language degrees and placement opportunities available at university

Conversation Practice

On Track recognises that spoken fluency underpins success in languages at A level and beyond so we provide regular opportunities for our students to enjoy discussions of popular topics in their target language with native speakers.

They will be able to refer to this experience in their UCAS application.

Academic research project

Your students will study an academic research project. This will help them develop essential skills and practices for studying at university level. It will also enhance your students’ understanding of languages.

The research project will be based on a film taken from the suggested films list of the A level specifications. Your students can choose a topic of research that interests them. They will then attend a programme of nine on-campus sessions.

The project will also help those students who want to go on and take the Extended Project at AS level.

Find out how your language students could benefit from this track