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Payroll: FAQs for staff

Important update on payroll operations, submitting payroll claims and deadlines during the COVID-19 outbreak. These FAQs will be updated regularly.

Are all payroll services available?

The Payroll team will be working remotely during this shutdown period and our priority is to ensure continuous payroll operation and process pay to all staff on the normal pay day on 25th day of each month.

I have a payroll query. Who do I contact?

The Payroll Office in The Virgil Building is now closed but if you have enquiries please contact and we will respond as quickly as we can.

I have a question about my pension. Who do I contact?

The Pensions Officer will be working remotely and will be available for email advice relating to your pension queries on

What are the payroll deadlines during the shutdown period?

Due to the current exceptional circumstances we have decided to move the payroll deadline to the 1st day of each month to allow enough time for the claims to be authorised and processed for payment on 25th day of each month.

We are therefore asking all staff to submit their e-timesheets and other payroll claims by 1st April at the latest in order to ensure these can be processed for payment on 25th April. Claims submitted after this date might not be processed in time for April payroll, but would be included in the next month’s pay instead.

Can I continue submitting manual paper timesheets?

No. As Payroll team is now working remotely, we won’t have access to timesheets submitted on the paper form after Monday 23rd March. All paper timesheets which were received by Payroll Office by Monday 23rd March will be processed as usual. If the paper timesheets are sent to Payroll Office on or after Monday 23rd March, there is likely to be a delay in processing these for payment.
To ensure timesheet claims are processed on time, all hourly paid workers should claim pay for their hours by submitting e-timesheets through ESS.

How do I submit an e-timesheet?

All hourly paid workers should now have access to submit e-timesheets through Employee Self Service ESS. If you experience any access issues, please log a ticket via Top Desk. User guide for submitting e-timesheets can be accessed here.

How do I submit overtime and other payroll claims during this period?

All overtime and other claims which were submitted on paper forms to Payroll Office prior to Monday 23rd March will be processed as usual. For overtime and other payroll claims yet to be submitted these can be submitted by emailing the authorised form to Please note that all claims must be fully authorised as per the usual procedure. If the actual form can’t be physically signed, an email authorisation by the line manager and departmental authoriser will be accepted.

I have recieved a furlough pay. How has it been calculated?

To read more details on furlough please click here


If you have any questions, please contact us.